The Empire's Fanciest Gangsters

When England's pinnacle institutions enable - and de facto aid & abet - a racketeering Brit enterprise, they lay waste to the very core life force and DNA of their country. Strangling global debate is messy business, but for decades key Brit institutions have provided aid & comfort to this bizarre gambit.


Reminder that Summa/Potentialism theory unifies spirituality-philosophy-science-theology-cosmology, and that this denouement is anathema to England’s Atheist/Randomnist academic/journalistic ‘ruling class’.

Note that in the 2013-2014 period, the British Atheist/Randomnist clique deployed a wide array of libels, slanders and defamations to suppress and undermine Summa/Potentialism Theory. For instance, see the ‘plant’ in the (British hometown favorite) The Guardian, a quite-obscene and grotesque hatchet job masked as serious journalism; the article makes run of the mill tabloid journalism look objective.

90% of The Guardian piece – which its editorial staff worked on for five months (May-Oct 2013) – is quite severely ‘compromised’. Fabrications. Defamations. Libel. ‘Red meat” for the local British Atheist/Randomnist horde, of course. And for the (British hometown) Darwin jingoists. The meandering attack-piece is detached from reality or integrity.

The Guardian article epitomizes ‘perversion of reality’ masked as serious journalism. The piece is sort of an unfiltered catch-all toxic brew of all the slanders and fabrications concocted and planted by the Randomness clique racketeers to that point. The Guardian then allows the Randomnists to march-in and prop-up (all) their now blackmailed academic victims – to further twist reality with snarky sound bites. All under The Guardian’s choreography and, of course, its imprimatur. Con artists of the world unite.

Guardian, Guardian, Guardian

So, Birnbaum was too great a threat, and could not be left standing?

It seemed like a straightforward 'quick kill’ at the time, right?

Slice Birnbaum to pieces.
Funnel all the British toxic waste into the article.
All for England! - or Darwin! - or something like that.


Assassination Gambit

Interesting that The Guardian (London) sells its soul as it perverts known facts - into presumably a 'pinnacle' Brit tabloid experience.

To the Guardian:

1) Misplaced arrogance and hubris will get you every time.

2) Placing your bets on group-think and dead Brit theories
may prove ill-advised.

3) Playing the accommodating hit-man for the Brit academic racketeers may prove
high risk / low reward.

4) Bad form to shed all pretense of journalistic integrity in a calibrated attack-dog smear piece.

5) Racketeering is unbecoming for a leading Brit tabloid (formerly journal).


Interesting that The Guardian parrots and prints debunked and anonymous slanders.

Interesting that The Guardian leads the frenzied charge to validate the Brit Randomnist clique's hi-priority smear campaign.

Interesting that The Guardian is so gung-ho to prop-up nativist British jingoism.

Interesting that The Guardian subverts the honest debate interests of its global readership.

Interesting that The Guardian will even undermine its own hard-won brand - to appease some hard-ass anachronistic Imperial College London academics.

Interesting that The Guardian attempts to overtly subvert the advance of scientific hypothesis.

Interesting that The Guardian aids and abets the ongoing pathetic British academic horde gang bang blackmail of an isolated Upstate NY college.

Interesting that The Guardian piece is 99% (fabricated) ad hominem attack and maximum 1% substance.

Interesting that The Guardian piece spans thousands of words - but does not devote even one sentence to the substance of break-through Potentialism Theory.

Interesting that the lengthy Guardian piece cannot include even one line to note the theory's break-out SuperFormula: Q4P → C+ → E+

Basically, The Guardian piece is essentially the triumph of the mob over the academy. 290 years post the death of (British scientific giant) Newton, The Guardian regresses back into the Dark Ages.

Interesting that The Guardian elected to fully enable the criminal gambits of a known Brit racketeering clique.

Interesting that The Guardian marshaled its estimable editorial resources for over a five month 'editorial process' (May-October, 2013) into crafting a twisted canard (masked as journalism) in a juvenile (and vain) attempt to derail the (inexorable) advance of Potentialism Theory.

Interesting that The Guardian came up with not a single actual vulnerability (in Potentialism). All the kings horses and all the kings men have not been able to discern a single flaw in the theory - since Summa I in 1988. The bad guys must be getting desperate....


The main charge: 21st century Birnbaum is in congruence with 4th Century BCE Aristotle - but not in congruence with 19th Century Cambridge U. tsk tsk.... - presumably a capital offense against the imperial interests of 'the Empire'.

Presumably empires (or former empires) don't debate; they dictate.

The Guardian postures pinnacle integrity; but its modus operandi here is quintessential sleaze - the weapon of the weak.


Don't bet on the racketeers; rumor has it that the sun is setting on the Randomnists.

Don't bet against the New York boy; rumor has it that he has a pretty elegant, unified, seamless and bulletproof theory.

Don't bet against an idea 'whose time has come; no army in the world can withstand its onslaught - and certainly not an intellectually and morally bankrupt tabloid.


3 Campuses
Remember, all the toxic roads noted above inevitably lead back to the campuses and Atheist clubs and journals – of the very same three British ‘pinnacle’ universities.

And, of course, it is but one seamless toxic ‘tag team’.

the toxic triad at ‘the pinnacle’ – of the same three apex Brit universities
university hierarchy & professors (peppered through)
university Atheist clubs (all 3 hierarchies)
university journals (selected)

Sort of, a very refined conspiracy.

"Elite Brits is our name;
Strangle global debate is our game."

“Encourage the defamation and destruction of any theorist globally daring to disobey the Randomness doctrine we have dictated…

“We – and we alone – will decide what is discussed on college campuses globally; because we are the elite academics of the world – divinely appointed shamans of the academic universe…

“We are fundamentalist nihilistic fanatics – and we are Thought Control adroit…

“Conspiring as a team, we have – and will deploy – the power to destroy careers of any who dare to challenge. We are not too good at sophisticated theory- but we are real good at defamation… ha ha ha…..

“We are militant hard-line Atheists, but our power is (somehow) divinely mandated – and we will use that divine power to maintain our (quack-science) monopoly on academic discussion – anywhere, everywhere…

“We will reap the rewards-awards which accrue from destroying all dissenting opinion – and thus controlling global debate…and global prizes…… ha ha ha ....

“All hail our obvious tactical genius!…… all hail (British) Darwin’s Random mutation!…. All hail our random universe!….All hail Random hard-line Atheism!….

“All hail our absolute imperial power!…..All hail the Empire! – All hail our monopoly on thought!… Now and Forever!”


To the Brit apex Randomnists/Atheists –
prizes and rankings uber alles.

All for the glory of the eternal British Empire, no?


The British ‘pinnacle academic creed’? Not complicated. Maintain a ‘united front’. Keep clearing the global playing field of anything/anyone challenging their vacuous Randomness/Aimless core doctrine (of no doctrine). Any theory/theorist even thinking about a Directional Universe is to be destroyed. By whatever means possible.

To the British Randomnist clique, truth, knowledge – and the intellectual advancement of humanity – are irrelevant…. Gaming sundry systems – academe, Google, Wikipedia, key prizes, rankings – is the sole cosmic imperative.


The Brits will prop up their elite university chancellors with glistening knighthoods…..but beneath the fancy sheen is an odious intellectual rot pervading their pristine campuses…..of betrayal of the world and its students, ongoing for decades…..of betrayal of a university’s mandate to educate and engage their students and faculty in the free marketplace of ideas…..

They betray all they are supposed to stand for…..for an extra crumb of so-treasured British status…

Major academic departments, convinced that they cannot compete on the merits – or on a level playing field – or in the realm of sophisticated theory – resort to ‘fixing the game’. The core of their gambit will be to remove all competition not by debating, but by defaming.

Limit ‘the competition’ to fellow Randomnists…with an aimless (easy to remember) 3-word theory (All is Random!) ….then, divvy-up the prizes and status and legacy among themselves…..If no real theory (left standing) out there, the Randomnists win; If an actual viable/vibrant Directional Universe theory out there, they lose

They lose.


The core of of the contemporary Randomness cult is a miniscule crew of militant zealots; the cult endeavors ongoing to pervert science globally – and undermine any whisper of a directional universe – to mirror its anti-scientific fundamentalist core.

One should not confuse this group with a scientific stream of thought; rather, it is a fundamentalist ‘church’ which fanatically worships nihilism and aimlessness. Via a spectrum of inter-related racketeering gambits, it endeavors to suppress competing ideologies and destroy their advocates.

The Randomness formulation is artificially propped-up by the cult – and foisted across academe. The cult vainly obsesses to bizarrely bring scientific legitimacy to its nihilistic and anti-scientific core dogma. In the process, the cult has left an intellectual scorched earth across academe for decades.

To prop-up its voodoo science, the core militant and racketeering Atheist/Randomness cult endeavors to destroy any/all competing theories. Americans with a directional universe competing theory, in particular – are prime targets. Religion-friendly directional universe theorists, are presumably a priority target for criminal antics.

In their trans-Atlantic racketeering gambit, the cult endeavors to kill the baby in the cradle…. With an m.o. straddling criminal red lines, the zombie-theory cultists endeavor to ideally neuter a new competing theory before it achieves any traction. Like any good neo-fascist group, it will endeavor in the mix to slander and defame its ideological adversaries.

All of the above toxicity is instigated by a very small coterie of from the shadows – frenzied, miscreant creeps. In the name of science, this zombie-science crew has hitherto strangled the advance of science.

This miniscule clique is a cancer in the gut of academic England; it is the Trojan Horse enemy within. Over the decades the clique has perfected the inter-related dark arts of defamation, academic blackmail and intimidation. And it has taken its nightmare show ‘on the road’.

Unbelievably, over time, the cult achieved the de facto intellectual hijacking of England’s pinnacle universities. Mainstream (and science-friendly) classic British Atheism was swallowed whole by the right wing (anti-science) fundamentalist nihilist militants. Unbelievably, the anti-science fundamentalists ended-up de facto controlling…. ‘British science’. Universities and journals have been co-opted by the militants. And now provide them ‘legitimacy’, cover and succor.


2-faced games
posture pinnacle integrity;
then play

The senior echelons of both The Guardian and the pinnacle Brit universities will play parallel but inter-twined politically convenient games:

# The Guardian boys will disingenuously hide behind ‘journalistic freedom’ while they aid and abet designated editors to manipulate the defamation and destruction of a targeted (American) theorist. And, of course, manufacture some salacious copy in the process.

# The ‘pinnacle Brit university’ boys will disingenuously hide behind ‘plausible deniability’ while they de facto aid and abet the militant hard-line Atheist (faculty and student) clique cohort on their campuses to pull-the-strings on the defamation/destruction of targeted American theorists.

Both The Guardian and the pinnacle Brit universities betray their core missions for political convenience. Both entities will de facto facilitate the crypto-academic racketeering enterprise of a horde of misguided Englishmen.

Both The Guardian and the pinnacle Brit universities end up de facto promulgating Randomness – a quack formulation proven dead wrong on multiple fronts since the turn of the century. Randomness, a Theory of No Theory which a cohort of Brit academics perceive as giving them – England and its Randomness and Atheist militants – a net tactical advantage on the global academic and theological chessboards.

Defamation and destruction. This is what the counterfeit elites of ‘The Empire’ – ‘enable’. Ongoing. Destruction of competing ideas and theorists; strangulation of global debate.

Sell out the world.