the 'gaming' of Google and Wikipedia
[by the Randomness clique]


seeds the blogsphere
with snarky/trashing/toxic  1-liners
on the target  theory/work

plants toxic pieces
in one very specific USA  (Northeast / not  NY) online periodical

then  re-plants its own 'planted' toxic 1-liners
in the readers comments section
in the very articles it has planted on the one specific USA publication
Sort-of, multi-layered toxic plants. You know, for toxic resonance.

Then, feeds both the planted pieces +
the  planted snarky/trashing/toxic 1-liners
to the hometown favorite The Guardian (London) - where it can bring to bear the max pressure of the British Randomness academe horde;
meaning,  the Randomness crew swarms The Guardian  -  to render toxic any article-in-progress on the target theorist. 

blackmail, British-style
As the article writing progresses, the clique will endeavor to blackmail  and 'turn' prior backers of the theorist. In my case, my most ardent multi-year backers -  Chilton and Hagberg of Bard -  see (2012) - were not just sidelined, but 'turned' into outright defamation machines.  See

gaming Google
Then, voila, the clique now has the high-Google-ranking Guardian article chock full of layers of toxicity and slander targeting the theorist; then, the Randomness/Atheist clique links all  possible allied atheist/randomness online publications globally  - which it can muster -  to soup-up  the Google rankings of the said  toxic/defamatory Guardian piece. Cute.

gang rape, British academe style
And now you understand what 'pinnacle' British academe in cosmology/philosophy/metaphysics is all about. Behind the arrogance and pomposity, is a boss-clique of racketeering creeps; with academic blackmail and media manipulation at the core; sort of an academic horror show. The heirs to Newton make a typical criminal cohort look decent. 

stellar global rankings! 
Then the Brits will preen about the stellar global rankings of Cambridge U, Oxford and Imperial -  which ongoing  fertilize this fetid swamp in their front yard.  

Their fancy rankings are erected over the corpses of the theories that have been murdered stillborn.

There is now no way the pinnacle British universities can futher evade direct responsibility for this ongoing perversion of global academe

 [Obviously, I am fully prepared to testify 'under oath'  regarding the above - from my own direct experience since 2013  - to any US Congressional Committee interested in 'the situation'. The reality is actually far worse than I have related above; the sordid reality will be more credible live & under oath. I do believe that the key British perp is a psycho. A miscreant, but also a psycho.]